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Christmas DominoA cheap taiwanese Domino with two christmas based motives on its two sides
Christoph's Magic JewelA very rare truncated Octahedron.
DC Comics DominoHas Superman on one side and Wonder Woman on the other.

GoldA sliding block puzzle with different size pieces.
Great GearsReturn the coloured balls to their starting circles.
Hungarian Rings (russian black version)A black version of the Hungarian Rings from soviet origin.

Kép Korong (Logikai gerezd jatek) - Blue and yellow dogAnother puck with 6 segments. This one depicts two differently colored dogs.
Kép Korong (Logikai gerezd jatek) - E.T. Smaller than the standard Hockey Puck puzzle. This one features E.T., from the movie, "ET: The Extraterrestrial".
Kép Korong (Logikai gerezd jatek) - EzermesterAnother puck with 6 segments. This one depicts the logo of a DIY magazine.

Kép Korong (Logikai gerezd jatek) - Wolf & DogSmaller than the Hockey Puck puzzles.
Mahjongg DominoThis Domino shows symbols taken from the Mahjongg-game. Also exists as Black/White.
Master Moldavian PyramidThe first Master Pyraminx to exists. Produced in the former Soviet Union in very small numbers.

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