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Other Puzzles: Other Mechanisms
Planets PyramidInspired by the original Planets from the same inventor.
Pyramus & ThisbeA puzzle which is based on the fourth dimensional symmetry (edge-transitivity) of the 4D polytope Tetrahedral prism
Rubik's 360Starting with all six balls inside the center sphere and the locking rings open, the challenge is to move the balls into their matching coloured domes on the outside.

Rubik's BricksThis is a derivative of the Soma cube produced and sold under Rubik's name.
Rubik's ClockPoint all 18 clocks to 12 to solve.
Rubik's Puzzle Building BlocksA derivative of the Soma Cube which tries to look like the Rubik's Cube.

Shift HappensSix unequal gears separable aand rotatable in groups of three.
Six awn star ClockA customly enhanced version of HexClock which itself is a redesigned Rubik's Clock.
Sochi - Puzzle BallLooks like a puzzle with utilizes marbles and one hole to move them but in fact it is dexterity puzzle. Nontheless a rare collectors item from the 1980s produced in the soviet union.

Spherigear DiamondFour balls and four wheels in one case.
Spherigear LoopEight spherical gears of which four are turned at any time in conjunction. The very rare case of an abelian twistypuzzle.
Spherigear TriangleThree sphere connected with gears so they can be twisted only in pairs.

SpherigearsA combination of a mechanical maze and Bramboules.
Spider GearA spider-shaped cage containing bi-colored gears and a central rotating ball.
SpinoutTry and remove the inner sliding mechanism, blocked by knobs you can only turn one at a time.

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