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Other Puzzles: Other Mechanisms
Swap CubeFive differently colored 2x2x2 embedded in a strange mechanism which allows one to exchange the cubies between the individual cubes.
The XFive parallel disks must be rotated correctly to make the egg stand upright. There is also a version named "Columbus' EGG".
Tracker BallOne icosahedron and three octahedra rotate against each other in a single puzzle.

TumblerGently roll to get small beads to their own arms. (Match the color of the beads to color of arms.)
Twisted DaisyEleven rotatable and flippable petals. Which petals are flippable they can be reconfigurated.
Uni-66 knobs that must be pushed inwards. But pushing one knob inward might let throw others outwards.

Unknown Rolling CubesEight cubes (four inverted) in a plastic cage. Four of them rotating in conjunction.
Writer's BlockA puzzle consisting out of 7 pens which all have to be pressed to solve the puzzle and open the box.

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