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Other Puzzles: Other Mechanisms
ChronosA puzzle which is based on the fourth dimensional symmetry (edge-transitivity) of the 4D polytope 5-cell (also known as Pentachoron)
Clock 4x4Rubiks Clock scaled up to greater size.
ColossusA puzzle which is based on the fourth dimensional symmetry (edge-transitivity) of the 4D polytope 24-cell (also known as Icositetrachoron).

Combinescion meets Rubik's ClockA set of three Rubik's Clocks with a custom motive resembling the three most rare variants of the combinescion.
CosmosThis puzzle pretends to be based on a 4D polytope but it is not. Instead it is a cube with its antipodes connected.
Crazy Elephant DanceA generalized version of Elephant Spin-Out. All elephants allows three different states instead of two.

Elephant OutTry and remove the inner sliding mechanism, blocked by knobs you can only turn one at a time. Like Spin Out, but the size is smaller and the knobs shows elephants.
Gear Bracelet 7+5Eight Gears of different sizes on a foldable band.
Gear Bracelet Double RowSixteen gears placed on a bracelet, grouped in sets of four.

Gear FoldA flat version of Gear Shift.
Gear SnakeFour 2x2x2s connected to each other with several gears. These force the 2x2x2s to move together.
Ghost ClockA customized version of Rubik's Clock inspired by the Ghost Cube.

GorgonA puzzle based on the Petersen's Graph.
GrydlockA crazy lock with 10 intersecting notched bolts. The object is to slide all bolts to the open position.
Hex - Impuzzle BluesA puzzle from the late 1980s with an highly unusual mechanism.

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