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Moving: Marbles
Ten Billion Barrel X7A ten billion barrel with fourteen layers which is seven times the size of the original puzzle.
Ten billion holeA Nintendo ten billion barrel transformed into a varikon puzzle.
Top-Spin"Just put the numbers in order"... sounds a lot easier than it is!

Top-Spin (chinese)A clone of the Top Spin with chinese origin.
Top-Spin (Russian)A Russian derivate of Top Spin.
Russian label states that it's name is "Colour by colour"
Trio (wood)A puzzle totally made from wood. With bandaged marbles.

Trio 2An improvemente of the original Trio by clevertoys.
Vergo 24-CubeA Little Chop combined with a moving-marbles-puzzle.
Vergo's CubeA 2x2x2 combined with a moving-marbles-puzzle.

Veselye SharikiDifferent version of the Hungarian Rings with a different number of marbles and two opened sides to move the marbles.
Vision PussleA variant of the Ten Billion Barrel with six columns. Originating from Japan, like the better known version from nintendo.
Wooden EggFour rings of ten balls each.

YolocolocoSpanish version of the ten billion barrel by nintendo.

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