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Moving: Marbles
Golden OrbA CADed relative of the "The Orb" with six rows of marbles instead of four.
HeartacheA puzzle with sixteen moving marbles. It came out three years before Ernö Rubik invented the cube.
Hungarian RingsGroup the four colours to solve. Alternative names: "Doublering" or "Zweiring"

Hungarian Rings (russian coloured version)A coloured version of the Hungarian Rings from soviet origin. It came in at least three different body colours.
Hungarian Rings (russian original)Produced in Yerevan Factory Theatre-souvenir products during the soviet era.
Hungarian Rings (soviet version in plastic bag)Produced in at least two different factories with different coloured marbles.

Hungarian Rings (soviet version with removable pieces)Another soviet-era version of the Hungarian Rings. This one has a partially disassemblable body.
Hungarian Rings - KpkhpAnother version of the puzzle. This is from the soviet union and does not use marbles.
Hungarian Rings - Mini versionA small version version from the eastern bloc.

Hungarian Rings - Olympic EditionA greater version of the Hungarian Rings - Five rings with marbles in five colors.
Hungarian rings - Russian versionA variant of the Hungarian Rings from russian descent.
Hungarian Rings - Singapore AirlinesGroup the four colours to solve this puzzle.

Hungarian Rings - Stronger plasticAnother version of the Hungarian Rings. This one has an enhanced case with more plastic.
Hungarian Rings - Triumph-AdlerPromotional version for Triumph-Adler, a computer peripherals company.
Hungarian Rings QuadA generalized version of the Hungarian Rings created customly by the original inventor.

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