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NxNxN: 2x2x2
Tribute (Dino) CubeA 3D-printed Dino Cube hand-assembled by future-owners during IPP 31.
Turn ApartA 2x2x2 with restricted movemements that can be taken apart.
Twist ApartA variant of Turn Apart. A 2x2x2 behaving bandaged and with the objective to take it apart piece by piece.

V-Cube 2A mass produced 2x2x2 by Verdes. Sold in traditional and pillowed shape and with back and white body.

Vortex 2x2x2A sticker variant of the 2x2x2 done by hand.
Vortex 2x2x2 V2A sticker variant of the 2x2x2 done by hand.
Wilkenburger 2x2x2A Jumbo 2x2x2 promoting Wilkenburger, a German beer company.

WitTwoA 2x2x2 designed for speedcubing. Available in a wide variety of versions.
Wooden ghost 2x2x2A 2x2x2 ghost cube custom made of wood.
Yellow Ten Billion BarrelAnother version of the Ten billion barrel. Presumably a clone.

You can do itA 2x2x2 showing an ape on one of the sides.

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