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NxNxN: 2x2x2
Popeye Pocket Cube (ideal)The 1982 Ideal version.
Popeye Pocket Cube (Tsukuda) The Tsukuda version.
Power Rangers CubeAn official Rubik's Pocket Cube sticker variation featuring Power Rangers characters.

Qubami 2x2x2"QUBAMI: 3D sudoku with a twist!" Mini 2x2x2 version. The objective is to scramble the puzzle from its ordered starting state, so that only one copy of each colour and symbol lies on every row and column on all six faces.
Relativity Cube (2x2x2)A picture-variant of the 2x2x2. The images were adapted from one of M. C. Eschers most famous works. The same was already adapted to a 3x3x3.
Rubik's 2x2x2 (57 mm)57 mm edge length

Rubik's 2x2x2 cube (Version 2.0)A newly designed 2x2x2 with a mechanism resembling that of the 4x4x4 with the mechanism of Peter Sebesteny
Rubik's Hello Kitty Pocket CubeRubik's Hello Kitty Pocket Cube, imported from Japan.
Rubik's Ice CubeClear 2x2x2 Cube.

Rubik's Junior (57 mm)A big 2x2x2 mass produced by Seven Towns.
Rubik's Mini CubeThe 1996 OddzOn version.
Rubik's Mini Cube (aka Pocket Cube)The 1998 OddzOn version.

Rubik's Pocket CubeThe 1981 released by Ideal Toy Corporation.
Rubik's Pocket Cube (plastic dome)Plastic dome packaging.
Ryn Siwon 2x2x2A 2x2x2 stickered with different views of a korean singer.

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