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What's New: The Past 30 Days
Axis HouseThe concept of the 3x3x3 house but applied to an axis cube
Axis twistThis variant combines the Axis cube and Twist cubies.
AxismorphixAn Axis cube transformed into the shape of a tetrahedron.

BallSquare 3x3x3Regular 3x3x3 with two rounded corners.
Belt-Road Bandage CubeA variant of the Latch Cube. Latches are placed on eight pieces, corners and edges.
BigBlock 4x4x44x4x4 bandaged cube.

BohricA handmade spherical Multidodecahedron.
Bubbloid112A corner-turning cuboid designed to be a puzzle with a multi-origin-core. The second implementation of this concept.
Bump 3x3x3 TorusA variant of a bumped 3x3x3 in the shape of a torus.

Bump 4x6x6A bumped 4x6x6.
Cazares TowerA tower-like shape made out of a 3x3x3 bump cube.
Circle StarminxA Starminx with circles.

Color PuzzlerThis large, hex-shaped, 6x6 Whip-It type puzzle is about 120 mm tall.
Corner-Road Bandage CubeA variant of the Latch Cube. Latches are placed on four corner pieces.
Crossroad Cube (or Latch IV Cube)A variant of the Latch Cube. It reimplements the traditional bandaged cubes.

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