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What's New: The Past 30 Days
Arrow Planet BaseA 3x3x3 in shape of a asymmetric cut sphere. It was made specifically to illustrate the Arrow Planet.
Artistic CubeA Master Skewb which represents the middle between a Master Skewb and a fully Hollow Master Skewb
AstrominxAn icosahedral Starminx.

Bump 2x3x4A mass produced 2x3x4 as a bumped version.
Celtic CubeAlso named "cubic face-turning deltoidal icositetrahedron"
ChopoidA hybrid puzzle combining a 1x2x2 and a Helicopter cube printed on an FDM machine.

Clover TetrahedronThe principle of Clover Cube applied to a tetrahedron.
Colour Block 3x3x3A sticker variant made without stickers.
Compy BallA heavily truncated mass produced puzzle that resulted in a reimplemented Dino Cube.

Corner Twist CubeA 3x3x3 with 'legal' corner twist moves.
Crazy DaisyA slice variant of the Curvy Dino 2x2x2 Cube, showing a flower pattern on each face.
Crystal TransformerThe Rhomdo Transformer with deeper cuts for the face turns.

CTDSphereA Dino dodecahedron in shape of a sphere.
Cubie MadnessFour 2x2x2s extended to look like a 3x3x5.
Cubik Puzzle (Gundam)A 2x2x2 with images from a japanese manga.

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