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What's New: The Past 30 Days
SpiderWhen a 3x3x3 becomes a piece of art ... the result is a gigantic spider.
Tall Floppy 3x5x5A 3x5x5 taller than wide.
Truncated Cube (30 mm)Another version of the Truncated cube. This one is very small and comes with a key chain attached.

Truncated Dueling TetraA 3x3x3 in shape of a stellated tetrahedron but with truncated tips.
Varikon (7 layers)Seven layers of marbles in seven columns moved with the help of a additional single hole.
Varikon Keychain IIAnother variant of Varikon originating from the soviet union.

Vario DiskyThis Mind Maze/Tricky Disky-like puzzle has four wings and eight colours.

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