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What's New: The Past 30 Days
L-Cube 3x3x7A X2 X-Cube with two extensions removed.
Latch Cube 4x4x44x4x4 version of the Latch Cube.
Lolo's octahedronA 2x2x2 with an additional layer on each side. It behaves like a subset of a 4x4x4.

Magical DishA cheap copy of the Backspin.
Master Cross CubeThe higher order version of the Cross cube.
Master DogicDesigned after the Dogic but with different cutting depths.

MastrolabacusA bigger version of Astrolabacus with five grooves. Maybe the first puzzle with moving marbles that jumbles.
Metamorphosis / Varikon BirdsSliding Tile/Moving Hole Puzzle - similar to the varikon 2x2 cube.
Mixup OctahedronA deeper cut mixup cube transformed into an octahedron.

Multi-SkewbYears after the Multi-Dodecahedron the same concept for the corner-turning cubes was realised.
NonaphobicAn 9x9x9 Mastermorphix. An 9x9x9 transformed into the shape of a Reuleaux tetrahedron.
OctanovaA skewb octahedron with a 10-piece-circle at every edge.

Odessa CubeA white 3x3x3 with tiles.
OrganolabacusAn extremely big variant of Astrolabacus with eighteen segments but with six channels of beads.
PakovalecPuzzle from the Czech Republic. Alternative names are Zylla and Xylinder and Dutch Tube.

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