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3x3x3 Triangular Prism
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A 3x3x3 truncated on 3 edges and afterwards extended. The result has a shape like the triangular prism.

The first sample of this puzzle was presented as the result of a collaboration of Adam G Cowan (who designed the pieces) and Frank Schwartz who casted the pieces and assembled the first sample. It shall be mentioned that Josh Bostick presented his own version (which is shown in the images here) only minutes after Frank.
If made by hand the modification is similar to the hexagonal prism. Only 3 edges have to be truncated in this case instead of 6.

This puzzle is part of the series "Octgonal Edges". All modifications of this series are made by truncating an 3x3x3 on its edges. These truncations are symmetric as in the mass produced octagon from which the series takes its name.
The technical signature (Octagonal Edges Extended C8000040210) indicates where to cut the original cube.
Without the keyword "Extended" it is a variant made only by truncating the original cube. With the word "Extended" some sides left over from the original receive additional extensions to "delete" some of these remaining faces.
Height: 57 mm
Edge length: 92 mm
Weight: 216 grams

The non-extended version is the "Spiral Edges Cube"



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