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1337-CubeCustom sticker variant with two solutions. One classic and one very cleverly designed.
1x3x3Years before the Floppy Cube bandaging a 3x3x3 was the best way to create this easy puzzle, perfect for newcomers.
1x3x3 Mirror floppy flipA modification of a 3x3x3 mirror cube.

2 Solutions CubeA Rubik's Cube that can be solved by either colour or shape.
25th anniversary cubePuzzle made for the 25th anniversary of the cube.
Good for speedcubing after lubricating.
25th anniversary cube (Kroeger)Another version commemorating the 25th birthday of Rubik's Cube. This one is from Kroeger Inc, produced fro the canadian market.

25th anniversary cube (Milton Bradley)Another version commemorating the 25th birthday of Rubik's Cube. THis one is from Milton Bradley (part of Hasbro).
27 CubeA huge 3x3x3 which cubies all represent Burr puzzles.
27ball 3x3x3A 3x3x3 consisting of twentyseven ball-like shapes instead of a cube.

2x2x2 Ball in a CubeA puzzle which looks like the "Ball in a cube" with one dimension smaller.
2x2x2 Evil TwinA 3x3x3 consisting only of corners that block themselves in external bandaging.
2x2x2 PlanetarioMade with a 2x2x2 Witeden, removing half of the external pieces so that the internal 3x3x3 becomes visible and can be solved.

2x2x2 SixFaceA Fused Cube implemented with a 5x5x5 but resembling a 2x2x2.
2x2x3 (bandaged 3x3x3)A 3x3x3 bandaged and extended with cubies glued on.
2x2x3x3A 3x3x3 painted like scrambled 2x2x2

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