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Cross Cube (other)
2x3x3 L-CuboidThe L-Cube with one of the three layers removed.
Alexandrite CrystalA 2x2x2 with ten arbitrarily exchangeable tips consisting of four pieces each.
Babycross 4x4x4A 4x4x4 with four additional pieces on all six sides. All fully functional.

Cross Pyraminx CrystalA Pyraminy Crystal with an additional set of layers.
Crystal BallA spherical Pyraminx Crystal with an additional set of independent layers on each face.
Cubicle dodecahedronA face turning dodecahedron with circles with square patterns on all twelve sides.

Delta 3x3x3A simplified version of the Pentacle Cube.
Edges Only Cross MegaminxThe Dodecaheds with additional pieces of the circles, now independently turnable.
GyrobifastigiumA puzzle specifically designed to explore the realm of the rarely used Johnson solids. Named after the puzzle's shape.

Hexical CubeA cube with hexagonically cut circles on all six side
Master Cross CubeThe higher order version of the Cross cube.
Mercedes CubeA 3x3x3 with unusually cut circles which can be turned independently.

Mercedes Cube IIIt looks very similar to the Mercedes Cube I but this combines cornerturns with turns of the circles.
Mercedes Cube IIIThe edge turning version of the Mercedes cube.
Super 1x2x3A try to make a 1x2x3 more difficult.

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