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Hybrid (other platonic axis systems)
Asteria - Goddess of TetrahedraA tetrahedral hybrid of the Tetradiolarian and a Pentultimate.
Big StingrayThe Big Brother to the Stingray
Bulgarian MinxA hybrid between Skewb and Megaminx with stored cuts added to make it fully unbandaged.

Circle Curvy Copter DodecahedronA Helicopter Dodecahedron with face turning circles on all twelve sides.
Clover 2x2x2A Triakis Tetrahedron with cuts inspired by the clover puzzles. Unlike other clover-puzzles the axis system is doctrinaire.
Clover 2x2x2 BallThe Clover 2x2x2 in shape of a sphere.

Clover Cube ExtremeA Shell Cube the inventor enhanced with another axis system, making in a triple hybrid.
Clover Dodeca ChopOne side of the easiest possible corner and edge turning dodecahedron.
Coin IcosahedronAn icosahedron that combines face and corner turns into a hybrid axis system in the easiest possible configuration.

Coin Rhombic DodecahedronA rhombic dodecahedron that implements all three cubic axis systems.
Combo CurFaTRhoTriA hybrid puzzle with two axis systems in the shape of a rhombic triacontahedron.
Conermate IIA hybrid puzzle combining the cuts of a Pentultimate and a Pentagram.

ConnerminxA dodecahedron with round cuts that allow for corner turning and faceturning.
Copter ExtremeThe Clover Cube Extreme with different cuts exposing an additional type of piece.
CopterMinxThe CopterMinx is a hybrid of two puzzles. A megaminx and a Helicopter Dodecahedron.

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