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Diogo Sousa
Aurora CubeA face turning deltoidal icositetrahedron in shape of a cube.
Brixup CubeA Square-1 without its bandaging behaviour.
BubblarianThe concept of the Bubbloid transferred to a Dodecahedron.

HexapodAn edge turning triangular prism in shape of a hexagonal prism and a difference in geometry.
HexånglrA three-layered prism with 60°-turns at the four arms.
Keter CubeA deep cut jumbling only puzzle with the axis system of a face turning triangular dipyramid.

OctamateA Pentultimate in shape of an otahedron.
PentaskewbThe Pentultimate transformed into the shape of a cube with two differently shaped pentagons, oriented differently.
Shooting StarA pentultimate with inverted faces and extended corner, transforming the shape into a Rhombic Hexecontahedron.

Skewby Copter PlusA hybrid of the Skewb and the Curvy Copter Plus. It adds one level of unbandaging to an already complex hybrid puzzle.
Sprout CubeA jumbling only puzzle with 16 axes, 4 of them doctrinaire.
Sprout Cube UnbandagedThe unbandaged version of Sprout Cube from the same inventor.

Sprout DodecahedronA jumbling only puzzle with 36 axes, 12 of them doctrinaire.
Tuttminx CrystalA deeper-cut version of the Tuttminx. A hybrid puzzle.
Twisty PebbleThe third bumped Pyraminx, being even bumpier.

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