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An edge turning triangular prism in shape of a hexagonal prism and a difference in geometry.

This puzzle implements a geometry never been used before in a puzzle. While the outside shape is a hexagonal prism, the mechanism is actually a very special Edge Turning Triangular Prism. Essentially it's the natural geometry resulting from applying the [Cube -> Rhombic Dodecahedron] transformation to a Triangular prism (the Join operator in Conway's Polyhedron notation). This produces a solid very similar (but not identical) to the Herschel Polyhedron.
The puzzle has a total of 9 axes, 6 purely jumbling axes corresponding to the top and bottom edges of a triangular prism (with 7 available stops), and 3 additional axes around the equator that correspond to the vertical edges of a triangular prism (with 6 available stops). The latter can perform 180º turns, but can also make jumbling turns (much like on the axes of a helicopter cube). On the outside, there are a total of 41 pieces separated into two types of centres, three types of corners and two types of edges (mechanically speaking).
It turns rather well and produces some interesting behaviour. The jumbling tends to bandage a lot.
The axis system is similar enough to the Tricopter series from David Pitcher, but (like all jumbling-only axis systems) there are subtle differences. The key is that the dihedral angles at the six non-polar and non-equatorial vertices (perhaps the Icelandic and New Zealand vertices?) are all equal. The next key is that the faces are all equidistant to the origin.
Stickers were cut by Olivér Nagy.
Diameter (inside): 62 mm
Weight: 87 grams



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