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JEI DreamballA Dreamball puzzle.
Japanese 3x3x3 SoccerA 3x3x3 from japan with a soccer based theme.
Jupiter Dreamball (opaque)The opaque version.

Jupiter Dreamball (transparent)The transparent version.
K-Ball Type 12x2x2 in globe designs in various colours all with 70 mm diameter. These are the version named K-Ball
Korean Air DreamballA Dreamball puzzle.

Lights Out (2002)Identical to the original version except the styling. From 2002.
M&Ms DreamballA Dreamball puzzle.
Magical AttractorAn ancestor of the 6x6x6 by Verdes. This one uses magnets.

Master CuboctahedronA custom-built 4x4x4 modification.
Master PyraminxAn incredible creation by Katsuhiko Okamoto which later made it into a mass production.
McDonald's DreamballA Dreamball puzzle.

Mental PillowA skewb shaped like a pillow and rotated inside the solid.
MorphA 2x2x1 puzzle in the shape of Morph from Disney's Treasure Planet.
Murder By Numbers CubeThis promotional item features the logo and slogan from the 2002 Warner Bros movie.

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