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Incredible SnakeAnother taiwanese version of Rubik's Snake.
Ingenious BallThis version of Mind Twister was made in Taiwan.
Jagged CubeA cheap piece shuffle from the 1980s. Produced in Taiwan.

Le CubeThis decent quality cube was made in Taiwan. With stickers in black and purple.
M&Ms World IIPromoting M&Ms World in Las Vegas
Macy's octagonal prismAnother octagonal prism. This was obviously made for Macy's New York.

Magic PuzzleAlso known as Decihedron
Magic Puzzle CubeA 3x3x3 disassemblable with a special key.
Magic Puzzle Cube (hearts)Another 3x3x3 disassemblable with a special key.

Mahjongg DominoThis Domino shows symbols taken from the Mahjongg-game. Also exists as Black/White.
Male CubeThe male counterpart of the various Boob cubes.
Mind Bender Solve-ItThis Whip-It type puzzle stands at about 45 mm. It has a built-in chain loop attachment, but included no chain.

Mini Bender Magic GlobeA very low quality globe puzzle that functions as a 1x1x3.
Mini Cube PuzzlerA knock-offed version of "Rubik's Cube Necklace" from Taiwan.
Mini Link PuzzlerA taiwanese clone of the Missing Link with different symbols.

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