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Ali Baba's PyramidPyraminx clone from Taiwan.
Ali Baba's Pyramid Puzzle Key ChainA black plastic key chain Pyraminx clone made in Taiwan.
Boob Cube PuzzlerFeatures six nude women.

Brain-chekA puzzle with a unique mechanism that came in at least four different versions.
Calendar Key Chain puzzleAnother Whit-It-like puzzle. With 7 (!) colums and five rows.
Cartoon Characters RhombicuboctahedronA low-quality 89 mm version featuring various cartoon characters.

Christmas DominoA cheap taiwanese Domino with two christmas based motives on its two sides
Combination SnakeA variant of Rubik's Snake of japanese origin.
Crazy CubeAnother taiwanese knock-off 3x3x3 from the original cube craze.

Crystal (aka Diamond) (cartoons)Small taiwanese version with cartoon characters on it.
Crystal (aka Diamond) (monsters)Large Taiwanese version with Pocket Monster cartoon characters on it.
Cube PuzzleCloned 3x3x3 from the original cube craze.

DC Comics DominoHas Superman on one side and Wonder Woman on the other.
Flower PuzzleSomething halfway between tetraminx and "pyraminx with hexagons"
I.Q 180Seems to be a knockoff of a knockoffed cube from the original cube craze.

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