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Lim Cube
Super Master PyraminxA Master Pyraminx combined with the turns of a Pyramorphix.
Trefoil TetrahedronA tetrahedron combining the cuts of a Pyraminx with a Pyramorphix.
Triple SkewbA skewb built around a Multi-Skewb.

Venom CubeA cube with hybrid axis system (face turning cube and edge turning cube) with just one piece type and even that is as heavily reduced as possible.
Void Star Wheel DodecahedronA dodecahedron with hybrid axis system and turns by fractional angles.
XO CubeA Dino Cube with a cage as visible core.

YiSen CubeA 3x3x3 combined with a Skewb which moves are possible in midst of slice turns.
YiSen Cube ZeroA hybrid von 3x3x3, skewb and mixup cube.
YiSen MixupA Yisen Cube with the mixup cube integrated into it.

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