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Lim Cube
Mini 5x5x5A 5x5x5 smaller than a standard 3x3x3.
Mini 6x6x6A small 6x6x6 with a mechanisms that does not infringe ther Verdes patent but the package itself claims it is not suitable for speedsolving.
Mixup Hexagram OctahedronThe combination of Traijbers octahedron (plus mixup turns) and the skewb octahadron.

Morpho DeidamiaA Curvy Copter Extreme without the face pieces.
Morpho HelenaMorpho Deidamia with edge turns that allow for another type of turn.
Morpho Helenor OctaviaA 2x2x2 combined with a Curvy Copter which edge turns are split up every 45.

Morpho MarinitaMorpho Deidamia with edge turns that allow for another type of turn.
Multi-Star Wheel CubeA cube with hybrid axis system. The face turning parts allows for fractional angles of 45.
Pineapple CubeA straightforward shape variant of the Discrete Pyraminx which itself is a shape variant of a Cross Cube 2x2x2.

Polaris PyraminxA hybrid puzzle that combines a 2x2x2 with a shallow cut corner turning hexahedron.
Prism ZA Super Z in shape of a triangular prism and ghosted.
PrismultimateA Pentultimate in shape of a pentagonal prism

RexO CubeA Rex Cube with a cage as visible core.
Submarine CubeLooks like the Helicopter Skewb but is closer to the Twisted-6.
Super MA hybrid puzzle combining the Dino Cube, the Skewb (thereby reimplementing the Dino Skewb) and the 2x2x2.

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