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Evgeniy Grigoriev
Megaminx in a bottleA megaminx assembled within a bottle.
Melty-D PlusThe Melty D redesigned and unbandaged by one level.
Mercedes CubeA 3x3x3 with unusually cut circles which can be turned independently.

Mercedes Cube IIIt looks very similar to the Mercedes Cube I but this combines cornerturns with turns of the circles.
Mercedes Cube IIIThe edge turning version of the Mercedes cube.
Meson cube 6x6x6A bandaged 6x6x6 resembling 8 "Special 2x2x2s" stacked upon each other.

Microbic Cube - 12 mmAnother case of twistypuzzle extremism or better: minimalism.
MicrominxA very small megaminx with an edge length of only 7 mm.
Mixed Confusion CubeDifferent concepts of bandaging a 3x3x3 fused into one variant.

Mystic Charm PlusAn unbandaged variant of Mystic Charm which has to turned many times until it behaves like the jumbling puzzle that it is.
Nautilus 8A successor of Rainbow Nautilus, with eight sectors and therefore different angles.
Never Cube Also known as the "Void 2x2x2".

OctaStar IIThe successor of the 24-Octahedron. A hybrid puzzle that adds the axis system of a Magic Octahedron to the Little Chop.
Ordinary RingThe Binary Ring reduced to one ring.
Pentacle Cube in a bottleA Pentacle Cube assembled in a jar.

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