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6X6X6 & UP

10x10x10 (flat) A customly designed 10x10x10 with flat surfaces.
11x11x11 The first 11x11x11, custom made by casting after CADding the masters.
12x12x12 (pillowed) The first working prototype to break the border (11x11x11) set by the Verdes patent.

13x13x13 The puzzles title couldn't be more descriptive.
14x14x14 A mass produced cube of high order. Strangely it went to market after some cubes of even higher order were published.
15x15x15 Another cube for which one might ask: Why? Mass produced after the 13x13x13 and the 17x17x17.

17x17x17 (Yuxin) The mass produced version of the ridiculously high order cube.
19x19x19 A mass produced cube of very high order.
22x22x22 Formerly the highest order cube, beaten by Greg’s 33x33x33

33x33x33 Insanity squared.


10x10x10 Fisher Cube A 10x10x10 is fishered which means it was turnd inside its solid by 45�.
3x3x4 Mixup Plus Cube A mass produced Mixup Cube. Compared with the "3x3x3"-variant one ring is further split up.
4x4x4 Mixup Revenge A 4x4x4 with a hole that allows a reduced set of pieces to move during a slice turn.

5x5x5 Mixup A much simpler try on the mixup concept with a higher order cube.
6x6x6 Ghost cube The higher order brother of the Ghost Cube. Made from a 6x6x6.
7x7x7 Ghost Cube The higher order brother of the Ghost Cube. Made from a 7x7x7.

9x9x9 Ghost Cube The higher order brother of the Ghost Cube. Made from a 9x9x9.
Andromeda Cube A cube with pentagonal icositetrahedral symmetry, and 24 axes of rotation. A jumbling-only puzzle.
Andromeda Cube Unbandaged The Andromeda Cube which was unbandaged one time.

Axis 2x2x2 An "axised" 2x2x2
Axis 6x6x6 An "axised" 6x6x6.
Axis 7x7x7 An "axised" 7x7x7.

Axis Radio Cube An "axised" version of the Radio Cube.
Ghost Cube 10x10x10 This is the concept of the Ghost Cube applied to a 10x10x10.


Extended Ultimate Skewb Rhombohedron (10561E0C3C00001F803F0A80000) An Ultimate Skewb where 6 faces were deleted by gluing some extensions on them.
Gear Rhombohedron A straightforward shape variant of the Gear Cube.
RhomBIhedron 4x4x4 A pillowed Trigonal Trapezohedron 4x4x4 with just three colours.


30 Colour Petaminx 30 Coloured petaminx
Andromeda Dodecahedron A dodecahedron with 60 axes of rotation.
Andromeda Dodecahedron Unbandaged A dodecahedron with 60 axes of rotation, similar to the Andromeda Dodecahedron but with one layer of unbandaging.

Atlasminx A face turning dodecahedron with 9 (!) cuts parallel to each side.
Baguaminx The dodecahedral equivalent of the Bagua Cube.

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