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Saturn (Mag-Nif)
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Arrange the numbers in the correct order.

Arrange the numbers in the correct order by flipping 4 segments in a slice. A "slice" is determined by rotating the disc of segments around the center (faster than rotating the center while holding the disc stationary). The puzzle has only one layer of segments.

While this puzzle might not look as asthetically appealing as some of the other segmented twist/flip puzzles like the UFO, Cheese, and Puck; it has by far the smoothest and therefore best interface. You'll find that you can manipulate this puzzle as fast as your hands will move, without it ever getting jammed.

Adding to the challenge is that both sides of the puzzle are the same colour, so you are never quite sure if all of the segements are facing the correct side until you're done.
Sphere diameter: 65 mm
Ring diameter: 104 mm
Weight: 83 grams



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