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Prism (1 layer)
Canadian BarrelA variant of Rubik's Cheese 3D-printed for IPP 35 in 2015.
Cheese CrystalA one-layer cheese with 10 segments in shape of a rhombic icosahedron, a shortened rhombi triacontahedron.
Deep PentaA pentagonal prism solely made to proove that there are "deeper than origin" puzzles.

Floppy PetaminxThe pentagonal cousin of the 1x9x9
Floppy prismThe pentagonal cousin of the Floppy Cube.
Hexa FloppyThe hexagonal cousin of the Floppy Cube.

Master Slim PyraminxThe higher order version of the Slim Pyraminx.
OctaPrism (1 layer)An octagonal prism one layer high.
Penta FloppyThe pentagonal cousin of the Floppy Cube.

Pentacle PuzzleA pentagonal floppy cube in the form of a pentacle.
Rainbow NautilusA dihedral puzzle with fascinating shape, colors and a strange arrangement of cuts.
Rubik's Cheese - Rubik's Sajt Logikai JatekA very rare collectors item from the eighties. One of the puzzles invented by Ernö Rubik himself.

Slim GigaminxA pentagonal prism with a single layer.
Slim PyraminxThis is the result when a designer tries to transform a Pyraminx like a Floppy Cube.
Star of The SevenA seven pointed star puzzle, inspired by the icon from "Game of Thrones".

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