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Rubik's 4th Dimension
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Made in the late 1980's. Four special stickers reveal the orientation of their faces.

This version features four special faces stickers:
- Mr. Rubik's signature
- Mr. Rubik's profile of head
- A term C*4^4 indicating the higher number of permutations
- The logo "Rubik's Cube" known from the ITC-version used during the original cube craze.
Three versions are known so far:
1. A version from Matchbox that came in a big cuboid package shown in images 4-10. This has several subversions:
1a. For the european market: With texts in french, dutch and german. Images 4-6.
1b. For the european market: With texts in german, english and spanish. Images 7-8.
1c. For the US-market. Came with golden, silver and red inner packages. Images 9-10.
The front of the closed package is the same for all three subversions.
2. The UK edition has a different packaging shown in images 11-14.
3. The japanese version (distributed by Tsukuda; named "Master Rubik's Cube") has two slightly different face stickers and a totally different package shown in images 15-16.

After employing these colors for years on the Deluxe cubes and the "Rubik's Game" cubes, Enro Rubik finally declared that Red opposite Orange, White opposite Blue, and Yellow opposite Green, with one corner RBG clockwise, were his "official" colors.
He changed his mind early in the 21st century.

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Sep 7 2002 $6.23 eBay Auction Good Good Small cardboard box. Looked special. Sandy
Sep 25 2004 $2.99 eBay Auction Mint Average Name written on the box Aleksey
Sep 2 2004 $10.82 eBay Auction Excellent Excellent None Gustav
Jul 28 2002 $8.56 eBay Auction Average Good Sandy



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