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4 Tile Magic - Pope in TrausdorfA Rubiks Magic with four tiles commemorating the visit of pope John Paul II in Trausdorf, Austria in 1988.
Hex - Impuzzle Blues - aka QuebartsA puzzle from the late 1980s with an highly unusual mechanism.
Ramka A puzzle from the soviet union with intersecting plungers made in the eighties.

Rubik's 4th DimensionMade by Matchbox in the late 1980's.
Rubik's 4th DimensionA version from the late 1980 with four special face stickers which reveal their orientations.
Rubik's ClockDas komplette Losungsbuch

Rubik's ClockDie schnellste Loesung und zahllose Varianten
Rubik's ClockPoint all 18 clocks to 12 to solve.
TROiA static 3D maze on the surface of a sphere.

Zauberkreuz (aka: Magic Cross)This puzzle is similar to the Triple Cross by Binary Arts.

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