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Fused Cubes
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Two 3x3x3's fused together to share a block of dimensions 2x2x2.

  • Inventor: Unknown
  • Mechanism: 3x3x3
  • Patents: Unknown
  • Producer: Custom
  • Year: Unknown
  • Original Price: $0.00 USD
  • Current Price: No Data

This mod is easier to make than the "traditional" Siamese Cube with a common 1x1x3-block. Like all Siamese-variations both cubes are separate and no pieces can be moved from one to the other cube.
Both cubes implement a subgroup of the 3x3x3 where only 3 out of 6 moves are allowed:
L (left side)
D (down side) and
F (front side)
or some symmetric mapping of this kind.

The variant shown in image #2 was made by Wayne Johnson. He commented: "Made this one for a laugh seeings that a few guys on the forum had made them. Although, from what I've read, everyone used paper clips to hold things together. Heavens knows why, as I don't know how everyone else made them. I made this by supergluing 6 center pieces together recursively, and filing a corner off each, then reassembling."



Thank you to the following people for their assistance in helping collect the information on this page: Wayne Johnson.

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