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A puzzle in the tradition of Trikki-4 but with 10 layers.

This is no twistypuzzle but a pattern matching item like Trikki-4. There are 10 layers, 10 colums and 10 colors. The objective is to arrange the pieces in a way that all columns have all colors.
Not all 10 colors are present in every layer.

Beyond the Japanese version shown here there was at least an english version which translations read: "Arrange 10 different colors in a line to get all rows correct. The probability of getting the correct order is one in a billion. This puzzle will give the whole family hours of amusement. Note: it is packed in the factory with colors in the correct order (i.e. the solution)"

The year given here is an upper bound because it was fould in an old newspaper article which was published no later that 1982.

The alternative packaging gives it the totally ambiguous name "Magic Puzzler"



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