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Pattern Matching
10-CylinderA puzzle in the tradition of Trikki-4 but with 10 layers.
Bognar Buvos GolyokA variation of instant insanity with 4 balls in a frame.
BolygokA derivative of instant insanity with 8 balls in a cubic configuration.

Bolygok-variantA variant of Bolygok of unknown origin.
Color Matcher (aka: Circus Puzzle, Circus Seven)A simple little puzzle that can be solved quite quickly with an exhaustive search.
Colour Domino Cube PuzzleArrange the eight cubies into a 2x2x2 cube, matching the colours where cubies meet.

CruxSix pieces in a 3D cross configuration have to be placed and oriented.
DodecahedronFound in Romania in 1986.
Einstein's CrystalTwelve pieces turnable by 180° with four colours in shape of the first stellation of a rhombic dodecahedron.

Fool's SpoolFour layers need to be arranged that all eight columns total twelve.
HexagonAnother version of instant insanity with six layers and six columns
Hot RocksA 3D tangle-type puzzle with rotating faces

Hungarian RockA pattern matching puzzle much like Tantrix Rock from the 1980's are even older.
Instant InsanityThe classic puzzle in the version from the 1960s.
Instant Insanity IIAn upgraded version of "Instant Insanity" with a new challenge.

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