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Doppelkeil (Sharp Edges 5180628000)
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A 3x3x3 truncated on eight edges and afterwards extended. The result has the same shape as the "Doppelkeil Skewb".

This puzzle is part of the series "Sharp Edges". All these modifications have in common that the edges are not truncated regularly but one side a bit deeper than the other. One prominent member of this series is the truncated-only dodecahedron 3x3x3 which was truncated on twelve different edges.

Like the Doppelkeil skewb was made from of an Ultimate Skewb (which has a dodecahedral shape) this new variant could have been made from the aforementioned dodecahedron. In fact it was made by hand. The author created some master pieces and duplicated them with casting which allowed him to quickly create all truncations of this style. He just had to piece together the version with six edges truncated and then make some extensions for the remaining pieces.

Its technical signature (5180628000) indicates where to cut the original cube if one wanted to recreate this shape transformation by hand.



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