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Rubik's Tangle 1
Above:Showing the duplicated pieces - D and S for this version
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A pattern matching puzzle from the early nineties. One out of a set of four.

In the beginning 1990's Seven Towns (trademark holder of the Rubiks Cube) presented a series of puzzles with the Rubiks brand on it. Not all of these puzzles were sequential movement puzzles. Rubiks Tangle is one example.
Rubiks Tangle came in four slightly different variants. All consist of 25 square cardboard tiles with an identical pattern of four ropes on it. All tiles have ropes in the four colors red, blue, yellow and green on them. Therefor there are 24 different tiles under these conditions. Every variant of Rubiks Tangle has all 24 possible tiles plus one duplicate. Letters A to Y are written on the back side of every tile to help one in systematic solutions. This duplicated tile is the only difference between the four variants.
The goal of the puzzle is to make a 5 by 5 square where no rope changes its color when moving from one tile to the other. When orientations of the whole square and the duplicates tiles are ignored there are two different solutions for all four variants.
The description of the puzzle itself states that all four variants together allow to make a 10 by 10 square but this is only possible when one of the duplicated pieces is changed.
Edge length: 53 mm (one tile)



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