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A hybrid puzzle. It looks like the face-turning octahedron and the magic octahedron but allows the moves from both puzzles.

Even the inventor considered this puzzle impossible for a long time until he proved himself wrong. The problem was with the edge pieces of the FTO which would be left without any mechanism if the cut for the corner turns were added without any additional work.
To make this puzzle a true fusion of magic octahedron and face-turning octahedron the tips got the ability to be moved independently. On the Magic octahedron this additional ability is nothing more than a triviality but in this puzzle it makes solving easier since the corners can be oriented without specific algorithms.
The first (and only) copy of this puzzle was not made available due to the unfortunate instability of the mechanism, causing major lock-ups. The inventor intends to someday revisit this puzzle and make a better one.
Weight: 125.3 grams



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