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Compy Cube
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A shallow cut Dino Cube

In 1982 Aleksandr Ordynets built a first prototype and filed a patent.
In 2002 Wayne Johnson presented the idea for this puzzle.
In 2010 Jason Smith finailly designed, built and presented this puzzle.

For some time it was known as "Sausages Cube" (Sausage is the nickname of Wayne Johnson) or is still known as shallow-cut Dino Cube. The latter name describes the puzzle very well. The axis system is identical to the Dino cube but the cuts are more shallow. The leads to a puzzle with exposed core and visible corners. Solving it is comparable to the Rainbow Cube but the corner pieces have a visible orientation in this puzzle.
Images #1-#3 show the sample made by Jason Smith in 2010.
Edge length: 50 mm
Weight: 51 grams

In 1982 Aleksandr Ordynets (inventor of the Moldavian Pyramid) built what seems to be a working prototype. Please refer to image #4 and the link in this entry.



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