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Four 3x3x3s connected to each other to form a massive ring.

  • Inventor: Unknown
  • Mechanism: 3x3x3
  • Patents: Unknown
  • Producer: Custom
  • Year: Unknown
  • Original Price: $0.00 USD
  • Current Price: No Data

This set of four connected 3x3x3s implements four times a specific subgroup of the RubiksCube. This subgroup is not the TriameseCube since there the corner-egde-corner-blocks can move relative to each other which is not possible in this case. Although connected to each other all four variants can be treated as independent puzzles. There are several ways to make up a ring of four 3x3x3s of which this one is the easiest one.

The implemented subgroup is:
Ls, F, Fs

This variant could be treated as non-bandaged puzzles since the set of allowed twists never changes. This variant is implemented on the QuadrupletsCube-1 as well.



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