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Domino (Indented Pips)
Above:The black side scrambled.
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This twisty domino differs from standard dominos in surface treatment and inner mechanism. Its most immediately noticeable differences are its indented pips and yellowed white cubes.

  • Inventor: Unknown
  • Mechanism: 2x3x3
  • Patents: Unknown
  • Producer: USSR
  • Year: Unknown
  • Original Price: $6.67 USD
  • Current Price: $121 USD

This domino differs on its surface in several ways from standard dominos.
1) There are openings to its insides. The openings are to allow its cubes to rotate past elements of the mechanism while twisting around the two-cube-tall axis. They show while rotating around either of the two three-cube-tall axes. There are openings on all of the edge cubes.
2) The pips are indented as well as painted.
3) The plastic of the light-colored cubes has yellowed with age.
4) There are no friction-reducing ridges between cubes like those on standard dominos.
The original price is based on the official exchange rate (0.6 rubels per dollar) although in socialist time this was completely theoretical. The price (in rubels) is printed on the leaflet in the package.

A fifth difference is in the core design which is not covered by the original patent filed by Ernö Rubik.

One source states that this domino was made in Ukraine after the Hungarian Domino, and that the main production of the facility that created it was for the Soviet army. The military producers there had to make something for consumers as well.
There were at least two different body colours, prooved by images 10-11.
Image #12-13 proove that there has been soime kind of DIY kit.

Price Tracking Data

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Sale Date Price (USD) Sale Type Condition Package Condition Notes Contributors Edit
Mar 18 2009 $133.50 eBay Auction Average Missing None Unknown
Jan 6 2007 $102.50 eBay Auction Excellent Missing None Aleksey
Nov 28 2006 $43.50 eBay Auction Average Missing None Aleksey
May 2 2006 $204.52 eBay Auction Excellent Unknown None Jin H Kim



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