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BashniaFive rows and six columns. This one is special because of the intended points and the origin from the soviet era.
Bashnia VavilonskaiaFive layers and five columns of marbles moved with the help of an additional single hole. Soviet version with a strange name.
Brianskie KoltsaAnother derivative of the hungarian rings produced in the USSR.

Chertova Bochka (aka Devil's barrel)A soviet-made version of the ten billion barrel.
Domino (soviet mechanism)Soviet version of the mechanism
Domino (USSR)Another Domino from the former soviet union with differently designed numbers.

FantaziiaThe soviet versions of Rubiks Snake which were named ???????? or Fantasy.
Festival PyraminxA soviet version of the Pyraminx with the logo of the "World Festival of Youth and Students"
Fleksagon MozaikaThe soviet versions of Rubiks Snake which were named ????????? ??????? or Fleksagon Mozaika

Game 7Six numbered pieces in two intersecting rings.
Gamma (aka Colour Spectre)A soviet produced cousin of the Gripple. It comes with several differently coloured bodies.
Golovolomka (aka Telefonchik) IThe "Flower" with an identical mechanism but a simplistic frame and a multitude of colours.

Golovolomka (aka Telefonchik) IVThe "Flower" with an identical mechanism but a different frame.
Golovolomka SharA rhombicuboctahedron made in Aksai Rostov region in the 1980s.
Golovolomka-8A derivate of the Hungarian Rings from the soviet era.

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