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Twelve-Sided: Dodecahedron
JAMmed PetaminxA bandaged Petamix
Kilominx (aka Flowerminx)The corners-only megaminx in dodecahedral shape which went into mass production.
Large KilominxMade from a large Megaminx. 84 mm edge length.

Latch MegaminxThe concept of the Latch Cube applied to the Megaminx.
Magic Dodechaedron 4x4x4A mass produced challenger of the Master Kilominx.
Map MegaminxA custom sticker variation of the megaminx adapted from the "6 corners of the world".

Master BrilicA face-turning dodecahedron with 4 cuts per axis. The cuts are placed different compared to the Gigaminx.
Master BrillimateA face-turning dodecahedron with 4 cuts per axis. The cuts are placed like the Pyraminx Crystal (Brilic) and the Master Pentultimate.
Master DodecahedronA Masterball in shape of a dodecahedron.

Master KilominxA face-turning dodecahedron with only 4 pieces along one edge.
Master PentultimateA face-turning dodecahedron with two non-fused cuts per axes. The pieces of the Pentultimate are present but two others are too.
Master Skewb UltimateA Master Skewb transformed into dodecahedral shape.

Master SkewbminxA corner turning dodecahedron which is functionally equivalent to the Radiolarian III.
Master StarminxA face-turning dodecahedron with four cuts per axis. Compared with the Master Brilic it has two additional types of pieces.
MegaminxMeffert's six colour 1982 version. Roughly 31 mm along an edge.

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