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Twelve-Sided: Dodecahedron
Master StarminxA face-turning dodecahedron with four cuts per axis. Compared with the Master Brilic it has two additional types of pieces.
MegaminxMeffert's version from 1982 with six colours.
Megaminx (135 mm)Possibly the biggest megaminx even to be made.

Megaminx (1999)This is a newer version of the Megaminx, published by Meffert, with tiles and 12 distinct colors.
Megaminx (Tomy)Tomy's twelve colour 1982 version.
Megaminx 2x2x2A mass produced Kilominx with straight edges on the pieces but with exposed centers.

Megaminx CrystalA ''Pyraminx Crystal'' with visible megaminx edges.
Mental Block 2x2x2This variant was designed to be something like a Mental block made from a 2x2x2. The result is a dipyramid with a cuboid in between.
MF8 Helicopter DodecahedronThis puzzle tries to reimplement the Helicopter Cube in a dodecahedral solid. A mass produced version followed one year later.

Micro StarminxThe micro version of the Starminx with 13 mm edge length
MicrominxA very small megaminx with an edge length of only 7 mm.
MiniminxA 3D-printed small megaminx with 14 mm edge length.

Mixup GigaminxA mass produced gigaminx modified into a mixup puzzle.
Monominx-2A 1x1x2 in shape of a dodecahedron.
MorphminxA megaminx twisted by 90° around an edge inside its solid.

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