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Other N-Sided: Four
Greenhill's TetrahedronA Square-1 transformed into the shape of a tetrahedron.
Half Turn TetraAn edge-turning pyraminx which does not change shape.
Helicopter PyramidA Helicopter Cube heavily truncated and slightly extended into the shape of a triangular pyramid.

HelicoptrahedronThe first shape transformation of a Curvy Copter and the second tetrahedron with this axis system.
Hoberman's Brain TwistA vertex turning tetrahedron that can turn insideout
Holey TetrahedronA holey variant of Jing's Pyraminx.

Hyper Mini Tetrahedron 18 mmA Halpern-Meier Tetrahedron with 18 mm edge length.
IAS 2005 DCD giftA promotional item ordered by the company Ordina for a small trade fair in 2005. Also used as gift for the DCD 2005.
Illuminati Confirmed PyraminxIlluminati Confirmed Pyraminx is a Sticker Mod based on Illuminati Confirmed Meme, using the pyramid form of the cube and the colours and style of the US Dollar Bill.

Information Builders PyraminxA promotional Pyraminx.
Jade PyraminxSpecial edition of Jings Pyraminx for Meffert's Jade Club members.
Jing's PyraminxThe Jing's pyraminx was created by Adam Cowen and was produced by Uwe Meffert in 2009. It is a pillowed Halpern-Meier pyramid, based on the skewb mechanism.

Junior Ghost TetrahedronThe concept of the Ghost cube applied to a 2x2x2 and subsequentially modified into tetrahedral shape.
Junior PyraminxTotally trivial tetrahedral cousin of the 1x1x2.
Junior XenomorphixThe concept of the Xenomorphix applied to a 2x2x2.

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