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Other N-Sided: Four
Babymetal - Magic Circle PyramidA Pyraminx advertising for a japanese metal band.
BabymorphixThe pillowed brother of the Pyramorphix.
Bandaged Pillowed Master PyramorphixesA bandaged Master Pyramorphinx.

Bandaged PyraminxTwo opposite edges glued to adjacent corners.
BandamorphixA tetrahedral equivalent of the Fused Cube.
Bermuda Pyraminx EarthA Bermuda Pyraminx with one rhombic face.

Bermuda Pyraminx MercuryA Bermuda Pyraminx with one fishered face.
Bermuda Pyraminx VenusA Bermuda Pyraminx with one rhombic face and one fishered face.
Bermuda ZongZiAlso called Bermuda Tetrahedron

Big MastermorphixNot a faceless megamorphix but a Mastermorphix which received extensions on one side and a deceiving sticker pattern.
BiomorphixA 4x4x4 in tetrahedral shape with three pairs of edges bonded together.
Black Lemon CubeA shape similar to the "Circled Cube" but with the axis system reoriented inside the solid. Stickered with the Playboy Bunny.

Black-and-white Radiation PyramorphixTwo colour master pyramorphix
Blind Man's PyraminxMeffert's 1981 black Blind Man's Pyraminx.
BM PyraminxA more edgy cousin of the Halper-Meier-Tetrahedron (aka HMT).

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