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Other N-Sided: Five
Triangular CheeseA 2 layered Cheese puzzle extended into a triangular prism.
Triangular DominoA triangular prism with two layers.
Triangular prismA puzzle with dihedral axis system and 5 possible twists.

Triangular prism (edgeless)A handmade relative of the Grimace but smaller and more puristic.
Triangular prism SkewbIs a skewb in the shape of a triangular prism.
TriCopter 6 PillowA pillowed version of the previous HeliPrism 6 puzzles.

Tricopter 9A 9-axis edge-turning triangular prism.
Tricopter 9 PillowA pillowed version of the HeliPrism 9 Ball puzzle.
Tricopter 9DD FlatA version of the Tricopter puzzle where the jumbling cuts have been moved deeper, and the non-jumbling cuts are deep.

Tricopter 9DD PillowA pillowed edge turning prism with axes at all nine edges. The three axes at the 60 degree edges are deep cut.
Tricopter 9DSAn edge turning triangular prism with deeper cuts on the jumbling axes, and shallower cuts on the non-jumbling axes.
Tricopter 9SDPart of the Tricopter series, this 9-axis puzzle has both shallow and deep cuts.

Tricopter 9SSA 9-axis edge turning prism in which all of the slice types have been moved shallower than in the previous Tricopter puzzles.
TriCopter TwistA twisted version of the previous TriCopter 6 puzzles
TridotA highly curved cut triangular prism.

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