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Puzzle Related: Books
Die Zauber KugelDas einzige offizielle, vom Erfinder autorisierte Lösungsbuch
Mit einem Vorwort von Martin Gardner

Dissolving Rubik's Cube BookPaperback with cartoon illustrations depicting people that are really fed up with trying to figure out the cube.

El Cubo de RubikPara principiantes y conocedores
El Cubo De Rubik (book)Al alcance de todos

El Cubo Magico de RubikSoluciones para el juego del siglo con prólogo de E. Rubik

El cubo MágicoAsí resolverá usted el misterio del "Cubo de Rubik" Prólogo del Professor Ernö Rubik
Get Cubed!and make great Cube patterns
Gott'cha Rubik's CubeSimple Full Color Solution - Sure cube for the Cube (without [X+Y-Z² = Crazy])

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