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Puzzle Related: Books
The Winning Solution To Rubik's RevengeA book written by the winner of the first Rubiks Cube championship in 1982, Hungary.

The world of RubikGift and Stationery Division 1982-83
There Is No Magic To Rubik's Cubeand all of its offspring

TrolltärningenStrategier Matematiska grundvalar Varianter för superknåpare
Turn To 1Square-1 - How To Solve The World's Most Challenging Puzzle

Ultimate Cube SolutionA solution booklet from the producer of the Ultimate Cube
Un certain cube hongroisSpecial issues of a french science magazine
Un metodo semplice per risolvere il cubo magicoSei sequenze per giungere a una soluzione

Unscrambling the cube ITwo complete methods step-by-step

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