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Other Puzzles: Folding
Star Wars Magic - PolishStar Wars smaller Polish magic. About one half the size of the normal version.
Super Master Magic 'Magic Balls'The 16 panel edition in the Magic series of puzzles.
Super Master Magic (7 rings)Made from the Magic kits from

Tangle MagicMatch up the coloured strings in this custom built combination of two Rubik's products.
Tangle Professor MagicThis very clever 24-tile magic uses 48 Rubik's Tangle style images to provide a unique challenge.
TetrexA folding puzzle similar to Rubiks Magic implemented with tetrahedrons instead of square plates.

Tetris MagicsA set of 4-tiles-magics all resembles the wellknown pieces of Tetris.
The Crystal MagicA custom made 9-tiles-magics which uses stickers to illustrate its three solutions.
The Magic of Pink Floyd: A Tribute to Syd BarrettA Rubiks Magic with custom motif featuring Pink Floyd.

The Secret of AtlantisOne sample of a magic-myth-puzzle which is a RubiksMagic with an odd number of tiles. This one has 9 tiles.
The Snake Puzzle WatchA shorter version of Rubiks Snake surrounding a wrist watch.
Tiger and Lion Magic - PolishSmaller Polish magic with a Lion and a Tiger. About one half the size of the normal version.

Tigger MagicA Rubiks Magic from Poland depicting the fictional character Tigger in its interpretation by Disney.
Transformers Junior MagicMost of us Rubik's geeks probably had a whole army of Transformers.
Ultra Master MagicA custom made Rubiks Magic with 20 tiles. The creator designed at least 4 different variants.

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