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Other Puzzles: Folding
Pantazis' KitesA handmade cousin of the Flexible Hexagons with four tiles instead of six.
Paragon of AtlantisOne sample of a magic-myth-puzzle which is a RubiksMagic with an odd number of tiles. This one has 9 tiles.
Perion AkkuRubik's Mini Magic advertising for a hungarian producer of accumulators.

Plum Flower SnakeA derivate of Rubiks Snake with segments instead of triangles. Available in a variety of colours.
Priss of the Knight SabresA Master Magic with the custom motive depicting a manga character.
Puzzle MagicAn 4-tile Magic which always shows one solved puzzle in the centre.

Raduga (Snake)The soviet version of Rubiks Snake which was named P????? or Raduga.
Roundy - abstract artFour wings and four colors - this version shows a pieces of abtract art on one solved face.
Roundy - AxsymThree wings and six colours and a very small advertisement for a company.

Roundy - Charlie PuzzleFour wings, four colours.
Roundy - eight coloursFour wings, eight colours. Not other Markings.
Roundy - Happy BirthdayFour wings, four colours, reads "Happy Birthday" on the white side.

Roundy - I Love YouFour wings, four colours. This version reads: "I Love You".
Roundy - JunghansThree-winged version which has various promotional text for the company "Junghans".
Roundy - KinderkrebshilfeFour wings and four colours and an advertisement for a german children's cancer charity.

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