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Pentagonal Diyparamid SkewbA skewb in the namegiving shape.
Pentagonal HexecontahedronA skewb in shape of the namegiving solid which is a catalan solid.
Pentagonal Pyramid SkewbAn Ultimate Skewb with 6 sides "deleted".
Aka Extended Ultimate Skewb F80000000000000003FF07FEAA8000

Pentagonal Trapezohedron SkewbAn Ultimate Skewb with 2 sides "deleted".
Aka ExtendedUltimateSkewb F8000000000000000000000000001F
Pentakis DodecahedronA skewb in shape of the namegiving solid which is a catalan solid.
Pillow SkewbA skewb diamond with two tips cut down to square pieces.

Pillowed Crystal ContainerA rebuilt X-Block with indentations.
Pine ConeA skewb in a shape resembling the puzzles name.
Plateus BipolarA skewb (more precise: an Ultimate Skewb) in shape of a triangular dipyramid.

PolymorphinxA mass produced piece shuffle. The pieces of a skewb and a skewb ultimate were exchanged.
PyracueA Skewb variation built by Hiroshi Ishino and presented by Katsuhiko Okamoto.
Pyramid SkewbA Skewb transformed into a pyramid with square base.

QuartzkewbA truncated Skewb Kite. The result is similar to an octagonal dipyramid and has 24 faces.
Quasi Truncated Small Stellated DodecahedronA skewb in the shape of the namegiving solid which is one of the polyhedrons on the Wenninger list of uniform polyhedra.
Rhombic DodecahedronBuilt on a Skewb mechanism by Tony Fisher.

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