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All AroundA puzzle like the "Lord of the Rings":
"One Puzzle to rule them all, One Puzzle to combine them,
One Puzzle to to make them useless"
Alternating CubeA 2x2x2 which allows only clockwise and counterclockwise turn alternatingly.
Alternating SkewbA Skewb which allows only clockwise and anti-clockwise turn in alternating order.

AntiCubeA face-turning tetragonal antiprism. A fudged puzzle.
ArleminxA hybrid puzzles which combines two seemingly incompatible puzzles.
Arrow PlanetA fudged puzzles which combines the moves of a bandaged 3x3x3 and a sliding piece puzzle.

Arrow Planet BaseA 3x3x3 in shape of a asymmetric cut sphere. It was made specifically to illustrate the Arrow Planet.
Atomic Chaos / Kaos / Brain DrainScramble the beads from tubes of different lengths, then try to restore them to their proper homes.
Bishop CubesA set of 27 interlocking cubes which is not scrambled by color but by shape.

Bishop Cubes (4x4x4)The bigger version of the Bishop Cubes. A set of 64 interlocking cubes which is not scrambled by color but by shape.
Compound CrystalA non-shape-shifting puzzle with a highly unusual axis system.
Concentric CubeThree 2x2x2's in one puzzle. Some of their corners are fused to each other.

DoDep KitThis puzzle succeeds the Neptune DoDep. It allows to implement 680 puzzles with on kit.
Dual CircleDual Circle - surprisingly enough is two interlocking circles - pieces move when the circles are turned.
EnneaminxA puzzle defying all classification systems. The axes are oriented like a corner-turning cube but the possible twists are enhanced in a very unexpected way.

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