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Thomas de Bruin
Bowtie SkewbA truncated ultimate skewb.
Bowtie's CousinA truncated ultimate skewb. The cuts placed on a different set of edges.
Crooked-1A quick sticker variation created this midtwist puzzle.

Cubic Megaminx (aka Bowtie Minx)A truncated megaminx.
Extended TetraminxEither an extended tetraminx or a pyraminx without trivial tips.
Impossible DodecahedronA megaminx with extensions on the corners hiding the edges and faces of the inner puzzle.

Junior Bump CubeA 2x2x2 was "bumped" to make it look like a Mirror Blocks aka Bump Cube.
Junior DominoA 2x2x2 transformed to look like a Domino. All three axis allow 90-turns.
Thomas cubeA 2x2x2 tilted within its solid.

Thomas SkewbAn "axised" skewb.
Wall Cube 4x4x5A 4x4x5 truncated into the shape of a hexahedron. Its solved state is truely a midtwist state.

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